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Let’s Discover Our Untold Story

Itcroc, the dream of the gifting the world with the perfectly crafted web identity started in 2015.

Let’s Discover Our Untold Story

itcroc, the dream of the gifting the world with the perfectly crafted web identity started in 2015. Our founder crocodiles Md. Adnan Majumder Islam and Sourav Das, two friends who set on a journey to discover the heart last of all things tech. Just being IT fanatics was not satisfactory for them, hence after 7 years of freelancing, they took on a mission to start their own child and named it ITCROC in short for the IT crocodiles.

Itcroc’s goal from day one has been to culminate the resources to crafting a web Identity for you by WordPress Themes & Plugins, not just crafting a website. The marketing wisdom says, your company’s graphical presentation is something that grabs attention, it’s the attention that turns your company into a brand. Therefore, we prefer to work continuously on the communicative attitude that brings ultimate success in the long run. Our priority has been to help you build an online brand identity for the world to be dazzled.

We like to call ourselves the Powerhouse of WordPress Themes & Plugins because we understand being tech and IT enthusiasts ourselves that customers don’t engage with inferior platforms, they engage because of an idea turned into stories with outstanding UI design, that we proudly design for the intended audience. Your company’s DNA is visible on your branding and we are a team of passionate UI designers providing a range of UI design that lead to sales. Because brands & products are only successful if you maintain and polish how they look – sometimes replace a part to work again.

We are a bunch of hardcore IT fans ourselves, who are madly in love with the world of web. Hence, for others who have the same passion as us, WE SEE YOU, WE HEAR YOU, WE FEEL YOU. If your pockets are tight, but your web dreams are hard to fight we are here to the rescue with our freshest WordPress Themes & Plugins for Web Designers and Developers all at the charge of almost nothing for you.

Our belief in creating tangible value for our customers is what we think is different about ITCROC. It is our vision to help organizations to makeover their business along with increasing their digital footprint that drives real success. Leading the industry towards the new technologies is our primary mission which inspires us to become relentlessly agile toward adopting the latest digital trends that direct businesses towards a visible success.

Currently we are a family of 8 creative crocodiles, who work day and night to offer you the best possible resources into crafting your desired online identity.

  • Adnan is our co-founder who is immensely talented in all departments, sometimes a little lazy but is a veteran.
  • Sourav our Co-founder is the outsourcing hero. He does not like any local clients at all and is the most dedicated person I have met.
  • Maruf is here to keep a good balance between everything, and help out wherever necessary.
  • Kamruzzaman Saif, our content writer for clients, and both are the serious workaholics.
  • Raziul is our star WordPress developer, always on time with everything.
  • Galib is our graphic designer with a unique style of his own and plenty of experience.
  • Shafi has no end to his talent, from cooking to pitching clients all over the country.
  • Mahfuz is equally resourceful, from managing office requirements to constantly updating products on e-commerce sites.

Through ups and downs, through high tides and clean sails, ITCROC has sustained the one important element which is the core of the company’s thinking, PASSION.

The zest to do more, the thrive to be creatives, the hunger to achieve the best outcomes for our customers and the Emotional Intelligence to understand the spirit of the people. Our want is to be the best in our field, our need is to garnet the love of our people. We not only vouch for the best service, we vouch to take care of you dreams with tender care. Our dock is open, waiting for you to join the cruise ship in the ocean of the internet and have the best most unforgettable travel experience with us!

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