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    General Queries
  • 1. What so you need to know about refund policy of Itcroc?
    Keeping our customers discontent, we are offering a flexible refund policy that works within 30 days prior to purchase. But it will not be wise to ask refund for a feature or a point of service that your purchased product doesn’t include. For complete understanding, read our refund policy.
  • 2. Do your themes and templates are RLT supported?
    All our paid themes and templates support RLT but for the free themes and temples, we may not ensure the feature.
  • 3. What is the support policy for the free products?
    Currently, we are giving away 100+ free products including theme, templates and graphics and hope to increase our inventory in the coming days. Our team has already given enough effort for the development of the free products, so it is easily understandable, Itcroc does not comply with any support policy for the free products. But if you want to customize the free products according to your need, we will be available on paid policy.
  • 4. Do you provide service for installation and setup for freebie?
    No, we are not providing any service related to installation and setup. You can send us email / request customization service for that,
  • 5. Why do I have to register on your website?
    You are not asked to register for an account until you plan to download our products or take any service from us. You will have to register for any download of our products (Both free and premium services) so that we can keep you updated with support queries or updates of the product you are using.
  • 6. Does your theme and templates widget support short codes?
    Absolutely! Our templates and themes, support functional short codes.

User Account Queries

  • 7. Do any of your stuffs ask to share my username and password?
    We are not supposed to ask you for your username and password until you are our client taking our services for that very website. But you should never provide your password of your live website until and unless you need our assistance for backend related issues.
  • 8. How can I recover my Itcroc account password?
    It is quite usual of losing your account password but don’t worry, it is a very easy task. Find out the “Forgot Password” write under the login bars and click to reset your password. You will be sent an email with a password reset link. Now go to your email account and open the password reset link to reset your Itcroc password.
  • 9. How can I download a product/purchase service from Itcroc website?
    Since our website displays freebie web templates & graphics, if you are downloading our free products from our custom inventory, you just need to register and download from your user panel. But if you are purchasing any of our premium service, you are required to register along with your payment option before you get that service. Free downloaded products will remain in your customer panel and you are allowed to download as many times as you need to.

Pre-sales Queries

  • 10. Do you provide theme and template related documentation and support?
    Documentation is crucial to anything you purchase and with all the premium templates and themes; we are providing complete documentation along with prompt and extensive customer support for our products.
  • 11. How long do I get support from Itcroc?
    On premium templates and themes, we are obliged to provide support for 1 year prior to your purchase date.
  • 12. How does the support and updates policy benefits?
    Our expert team is constantly updating themes, templates and plugin(s). Therefore, when there is an update available, you are advised to update your purchased products. If you run into issues related to our products, Itcroc will be always there to solve your problems.
  • 13. Does Itcroc provide customization?
    Yes, though our themes and templates are highly customizable, on demand we are providing customization services on our products including themes, templates and graphics.
  • 14. Do you have an affiliate programs?
    Itcroc believes in sharing and if you are one of those aspiring person, you can earn a decent amount of money by referring and selling our premium products.
  • 15. What is the product license term for usages?
    Our free products are allowed to be used as many website as you wish but you can only use one purchase on one website under the single product license term. But if you purchases our bundle offer, you can use on unlimited domains.
  • 16. Does your theme provide better SEO benefits?
    We are not just a developer and graphic designing company but also SEO agency which makes us developing better products that 100% matches the SEO requirement.
  • 17. What is the browser requirement for your themes and templates?
    We never found any issues on any major browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Brave, UC Browsers and Microsoft Edge. Since Internet Explorer has stopped updating, we are no more concerned about this particular Brower.
  • 18. How do I use a coupon code?
    If you are lucky enough to have a coupon code, use it during purchase. You just need to use the code in the field of ‘coupon code’ when you are filling the purchase form. Remember, each coupon code comes with a deadline and if you use the code after expiry, we are not responsible by any means.
  • 19. What payment options do you have?
    For the benefit of customers from around the world, we accept Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Skrill, Maestro and Visa Electron.

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