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  1. থিম ফরেস্ট থেকে আপনাদের Benqu থিমটা কিনেছি, Licence Key Active করতে পারছি না, আপনাদের থিমে সেই রকম কোন অপশন নেই…. কিন্তু থিম active দেখাচ্ছে

    তাহলে থিমটা বন্ধ হয়ে যাবে নাতো??

  2. could you make a clearer video and set up, that would really help your customer and users, and make you high end sales

  3. it doesn’t want to import demo
    i tried everything helpppp

  4. it doesn’t want to import demo

  5. Hi,
    demo is not getting imported. It just keeps on loading. Please help.

  6. Great theme guys, just wondering how your able to change colours of the main header?

  7. one click demo import is not working, it only loading and loading. Waste of money .

  8. not working dark and lite mode options in my website something wrong with theme

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